On behalf of the Organizing Committee of the WORLD CONFERENCE On PEACE AND LIGHT, PAX ET LUX MUNDI, we are  pleased to welcome you to our most important event, which will bring together some of the world’s most important speakers. 

The event will feature a program developed by these internationally recognized experts to talk about the main  problems of humanity that prevent a culture of peace, travel the road to freedom, access the lost knowledge and  analyze what the future world will be like.

In other words, it is an effort to recreate a stable era of light and peace on the planet. And for this the areas of focus  will be:

  • -Raising the level of consciousness.
  • -State of the world.
  • -Eternity and life after life.
  • -Messengers of light.
  • -Indigo children.
  • -The power of intuition.
  • -The healing power of the mind. 

Our Peace and Light Conference follows the inertia of a trajectory toward world peace through spiritual growth, the  development of intuition, the raising of consciousness and the ongoing work of the Messengers of Light. 

It will certainly be an event that you will never forget. We are waiting for you with open arms! 

Elba Russo Baez

President Administrative and IT professional with extensive experience in Bidding and Procurement Processes, Administrative  Management and IT Audit, focused on the search for solutions based on values.