Leave no one behind

She is Director of Strategic Partnerships and International Development.

She works for Barefoot College International where her mandate is to develop global strategic partnerships and support for its mission. In particular in the areas of women-led innovations in education, technology and healthcare aimed at sustainable social and economic improvement.

She has had an extensive career with leadership roles in both the private and non-profit sectors. She has extensive experience in the technology world in jobs ranging from systems engineer to senior marketing executive.

She has held board positions in education such as at Stanford University in the U.S. and Aiglon College in Switzerland, as well as on the boards of arts-related foundations that support the development of youth talent in areas such as dance, music and art. She believes in the fundamental right of all people to benefit from the spread of education and opportunity regardless of their background.


Sitio Web: https://www.barefootcollege.org

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