Great executor of more than 35 musical instruments, which he uses in his different therapies. As a writer he has published three books.

He is a theosophist, philosopher, psychologist, musician, writer, therapist and Gera monk, trained in the Eastern tradition. For more than 35 years he has been researching and giving lectures and workshops nationally and internationally, conducting camps related to spiritual life, management, control and prevention of psychological and physical illnesses, ancestral therapeutics, music therapy and its influence on the vibrational frequency it exerts on human beings and meditation, among other topics of great help to the human being.

He currently resides in the Colombian mountains, where he is the director and trainer of the Devy-Aryahata School of Wisdom, and president of the Amare Victum Foundation since 2005, Spiritual Advisor to people who have found in his teachings a way to awaken and transform consciousness, thus achieving a balance between mind, body and soul.

In the last 12 years, Shaik Elh-Raisos has also dedicated his efforts to the conservation and protection of natural resources. Thus, he has allocated more than 240 hectares of the Pacha-Mama Eco village for the conservation and recovery of mountain ecosystems, protecting native species of flora and fauna – especially those in danger of extinction in the region – while conserving and protecting water resources.


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