PhD, Research Unit leader. Developmental Biology, Cell Signalling, Gene Editing, Stem Cells, NanoBiology Medicine, Tissue Engineering, Biosensors

As a child via my godfather, Professor Sulo Toivonen, I was exposed to his research with salamanders.  In the summer time Sulo used to collected embryos from ponds to conduct experiments how to construct a new body plan. In his lab, I had a change to look at the embryos, smell the taste of the lab, the microscopes, and the research tools. I learned that a process of cell communication was a key to emerge the morphological structures throughout the nature in all species.  I have studied these questions ever since.         

Research interests

  • Stem cell based kidney development and disease modelling
  • Wnt signalling
  • Secreted extracellular vesicles, exosomes
  • Biosensors assembly
  • Single cell omics
  • Embryonic induction
  • Tissue engineering
  • Biome level nanocommunication
  • Morphogenesis


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