The last Inka Solar Priest, the Ecuadorian Ñaupany Puma travels to different places as part of his pilgrimage to heal the wounds of our Mother Earth.

About The Munay Prophecy

Following an ancestral route of Ecuador, which leads through three energetic places of Nature, the Inca Solar Priest Ñaupany Puma undertakes a Mystical Journey with a group of pilgrims from different countries, in which the ancestral legends and the magic of nature will reveal profound messages, to understand the strong transformations that we face in the New Time, and that the way to overcome adversities is to develop the Creative Energy of Love (Munay).

Love for Mother Earth and the future of Humanity was the reason that motivated Ñaupany Puma to make the film. For him, a first step is to remember that in America for thousands of years there was a spiritual connection between human beings and Mother Nature, with which they maintained a balance and well-being. And that She is the path to the enlightenment of the Self and therefore to the Great Light.


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