Biologist by training, PhD in Microbiology and Molecular Biology, MBA. She has lived in South America, where she was born, as well as Africa and Europe (where she currently lives).

She is a Reiki Master and has received non-formal training in various energy management and healing techniques.

She currently works as Head of Strategic Projects in a private foundation that brings together seven of the main research centers in Spain and Europe, focusing on areas such as Biomedicine, Chemistry, Photonics, Particle Physics or Nanotechnology.

He has more than 15 years of experience in Research Strategy and Management, as well as in the coordination of complex projects in various environments, both public and private.

Conference Theme 2021:

Science studies nature as a source of inspiration to develop new technologies that solve some of our problems in an innovative and sustainable way. This is what we know as biomimicry, and so far it has yielded results in fields as diverse as health, architecture, energy and the environment. Transferring this philosophy to the world of economics and business, the concept of Blue Economy was born at the beginning of this century. It proposes that a 100% sustainable economy is possible if we learn to imitate the efficiency of ecosystems and ensure that we maintain their inexhaustible creativity, adaptability and abundance while benefiting from them.

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