Astrologer, Parapsychologist, Naturopath, Writer, Speaker

Astrologer, Naturopathic Parapsychologist, Writer, Lecturer and Tertulian in numerous TV programs. He was professor of Astrology and Parapsychology. Born in Spain.

In the eighties he founded the Rigel Academy where he was director and teacher of Astrology and Parapsychology classes.

He has written numerous books on astrology and occult knowledge, considered esoteric books. He also wrote numerous articles and collaborated in different magazines.

He is currently retiring from public life and only attends a few scheduled meetings.

His eagerness to share knowledge keeps him alive and from his retirement in La Palma he continues writing and publishing videos on the web under the name of Heliocentro and Helioesfera.

Many of his books and videos can be seen on the web.

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