He teaches the workshop “Being conscious from head to toe” where he integrates NDE and CPT with Advaita meditation, a work that has aroused great interest among its participants.

From an early age and uninterruptedly she has participated in personal growth groups. Her training has been largely self-taught and at the same time she has had excellent teachers, developing a complete and diverse training at the same time.

Among her diverse training is that of Osteopath, which she practiced for twenty years with an extensive clientele. This has given him a great clinical experience in relation to the locomotor system.

His work as a group facilitator has been greatly influenced by the training he carried out for years with Dr. Fina Sanz in Reencounter Therapy. He took the Master’s Degree she taught at the University of Alcalá.

For more than 25 years he has been a yoga teacher altruistically and has participated in various trainings for yoga teachers internationally.

In his trajectory as a group facilitator, his training in Paris in the method of Dr. Ehrenfried has been decisive. As well as the eight years in which he was a student of Sensory Awareness with Dr. Krista Sattler. With Georges Courchinoix she trained in his method Body and Consciousness. Very relevant was the continued training in Anatomy for Movement, carried out for more than seven years with Blandine Calais.

Also decisive was the training with Philippe Campignion in the Method of Muscle and Joint Chains GDS.

In the early 1990s, he developed his Muscle Chain Stretching method. It brings together elements from different disciplines: Osteopathy, Anatomy for Movement, and the GDS Muscle Chains Method.

He has published several articles in different journals and authored several books. In recent years, after leaving Yoga, with great astonishment he discovers the Advaita teaching, finding in it existential answers to questions that had accompanied him throughout his life. The discovery of non-duality has allowed him to establish a bridge between conscious body practice (Stretching of Muscle Chains and Work with the Body Potential) and Advaita meditation. In this way her work acquires a transpersonal dimension.

Currently and for three decades he has been a facilitator of Chain Muscle Stretching (ECM) and Body Potential Work (BPT) and teaches training for group facilitators in these methods.

He also teaches the workshop “Being conscious from head to toe” where he integrates ECM and TPC with Advaita meditation, work that has aroused great interest among its participants.

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