He was born in New York in a family of musicians and comedians. His Mother Padma Sarasvati Josefina Buonpensiere Bobadilla – Played Guitar and Piano and his Grandmother Ma Sarasvati Mireya Bobadilla Beras Viuda Buonpensiere was a Concert Pianist. Her Grandfather Julio Buonpensiere (Son of Maria Saldaña,) played Guitar. Saxophone. Clarinet, Trombone. and Trumpet.

His father Louie Brown (O,Brian and Marquez) liked to paint.

His great-grandparents, Alfredo Buopensiere (from Corsiga), who knew 11 languages, and Josefina Chiumino (from Torino, Italy), were the creators of the Suez and Panama canals, the famous Teatro Colon in Bogota, Colombia, and the Cable Car of the Andes in Venezuela, and other monumental works in the Dominican Republic, where they died.

Almost all members of his family are musically inclined.

Some of her family members include Famous Dominican Foodies Charitin Goico and the late Freedy Beras Goico. Legendary 1940’s Hollywood actress Maria Montez, singer Cheo Zorilla, pianist Michael Camilo and Zoe Saldaña are all members of the family.

In 1971-72, at the age of 15 or 16 Philip Brown. had a life-changing Revelation and Spiritual Awakening the moment he heard the Mahavishnu Orchestra and John Mclauglin and saw the picture of his Guru Sri Chinmoy for the first time. (He met both of them later in life). From that moment he knew all about meditation and yoga. He learned to play his music and since then he tries to use music to awaken people.

Philip first heard Indian music at the age of 9, in the 60’s, and loved it from the beginning.

Philip frist learned Hindustani music from L.P.s. and books in the early 70’s and in the 80’s with his Calcutta friend and fellow musician Amit Chatterjee and his mother the North Indian classical singer Manju Chatterjee (North Indian Music – Bengali Ang, Calcutta, and Indian Music in general. 1980 a 1983).

He was given the name আনন্দ সরস্বতী, Philip Ananda Sarasvati.

He started learning Violin in 1973. And North Indian Violin also in 1981 with Vicki H. Richards a student of N.Rajam. LShankar, Amarnath Misra and Yehudi Menuhin.

He studied North Indian violin and South Indian violin techniques with (Padma bhusan) Mrs.N.Rajam. (Sister of T.N.Krishnan). 1982.

Studied South Indian music with Mrs. Indrasena Gotipalli Sharma of Neloor Thirupati, Andra Pradesh India. Student of Ramachandra Rao. Aunt of Vina Gayatris. 1984.

More North Indian music with singer Bipin Shuklar, 1984. And More North Indian Music and Sitar with Ujjalendu Chakraborti the great Sitarist of Kolkatha, 1986.

Philip reads music in all keys and in Sanskrit. Hindi, Telugu. Tamil. Gujarati. Bengali. Kannada and Malayalam, and Chinese…

Grew up with a Chinese uncle and his 4 mixed Chinese cuzins (Chantonese, Corsican, Italian, Dominican) in New York.

Met face to face with Masters Kuthumi, El Morya and 12 other New Age Masters in late 1981 (November December) and early 1982. And received teachings from all of them.

Philip also has the level of SatArhat in the Great Universal Brotherhood of South America.

1984, Philip Brown Is one of the founders of the first Swaminarayana temple in Latin America – લક્ષ્મણ ભગત ,(Lakshamana Bhagat).

Philip Brown helped found the True Buddha School of H.H. the Great Master Lu Sheng Yen, the Living Buddha of Taiwan in Santo Domingo, Dominican Rep.

(1991) H.H. Grandmaster Lu even wrote a poem about Philip and his music (連華 菲力) in one of his books

Sri Chinmoy was my Guru for over 35 years until his death in 2007. I can play 100s of his songs by heart.

I can also play Pandit Ravi Shankars songs, hundreds of Andean songs and Irish folk songs. I also play the music of J.S.Bach.

Philip plays and teaches – Guitar, Bass, Sitar, Tabla, Violin, Sarangi, Sarod, Vina, Viola, Esraj, Mrudangam.

Philip plays North and South Indian Classical music, Mahavishnu Orcestra, Shakti, Jazz, Fusion and Bach.

Philip is in the Latin Grammy of the year 2001 Chichi Peralta, and has recorded with some famous artists such as Danny Rivera, Dario Estrella, Fernando Ferrer, Claudio Cohen.

He was the lead guitarist in the band of his friend “Luis Dias” “Madora”.

He was the lead guitarist of the Dominican rock band “Rouf Sarco”.

He had his own Fusion Bands “Mazatlan” and “Philip Brown Y su nueva Banda de Jazz Progresivo”.

He played with “Guillo Carias” the Dominican Jazz trumpet virtuoso.

Philip also teaches natural life.



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