“The unfolding of time, a forgotten ancestral knowledge”.

Born in 1940 in France, in Vienne. Physicist, PhD in fluid mechanics, author of the space and time splitting in 1988.

Studied physics under the influence of his military father who guided him towards scientific studies. He finds the solution for the Laplace-Bernoulli equation that he found in a Russian or English book, languages of which he knew little, because of this, a report is made to the Academy of Sciences. Knowing the excellent result, he is requested by the ambassadors of Russia, USA and Canada, to be part of their research centers. He rejects all proposals and enters the military service. With his trajectory, he is quickly assigned to a service of fundamental military research. He later decided to put an end to it and obtained a diploma in architecture by validation. After an essential discovery about the property of time, he gave up his passion for cinema and his work as an architect to devote himself for 10 years to his fundamental research on time, which led him to the theory of the unfolding of time and space.

Since 1996 he has dedicated himself to making his theory known to the general public, due to its numerous and important applications and above all to the anticipation, instinct and intuition related to the vital principle of the unfolding of time.

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