Theme: “Peace is the way to Hope”.

“The way to success is Peace”.

Prince Jean-Louis Bingna was born in the Palace of Bamoun, Cameroon, he studied at the University of Yaounde with a degree in Economics and continued his studies in Moscow with a degree in Political Science.

To save his life, in 2011 he arrived in Mexico, where he went to seek political asylum at the Mexican Commission for Refugee Aid.

Since then, he has carried out various activities in Mexico aimed at disseminating the culture of different French-speaking and African countries, as well as the French language.

He is founding president of the magazine Ecos Diplomáticos “La Voz al Mundo”, founding president and legal representative of the Club Amigos de la Francophonie in Mexico, through which he contributes to and strengthens the cultural exchange between Mexico and French-speaking countries. Legal Representative of “La Casa de la Francophonie en Mexico, A.C.” (CAFME). (CAFME)

He is a strong defender of Human Rights, especially the Rights of Women and Children, he fights for the protection and development of women in the personal and professional sense, in the same way he defends children to improve their education.

He has received several distinctions among them from the Multicultural University CUDEC, and the Constructivist Analytical University of Mexico, which distinguished him with the Doctorate Honoris Causa.

He has received countless recognitions and titles not only from Mexico, but from several countries, among them, the “Favorite Son”, “Guest of Honor”, “Distinguished Visitor”, “Honorary Member and Ambassador of Goodwill Abroad, Honorary Ambassador of International Affairs Recognition for his tireless work for the benefit of Human Rights at the International level, Distinction of “Research Professor”, “Premio Azteca Líder 2019”, at Iberoamerican level, for his trajectory and work in the Defense of Human Rights in Vulnerable Sectors, for his outstanding work in favor of Humanity and committed in favor of justice, social law, equity and the common good.

Author of several books including “Esta Democracia, Lágrimas de Sangre”, and “Esencia de un Príncipe Bantú”.

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