“The more conscious we are, the closer we will be to God.”

Ecuadorian Ufologist. He is known for lecturing on the UFO phenomenon around Latin America, his research topics range from unidentified flying objects, abductions, alleged extraterrestrial diplomacy, to the apparent forbidden archeology in the Cave of the Tayos, all related to ufology. His career as a ufologist is well recognized in Ecuador spanning decades, with television programs such as Evidencia OVNI.

He dedicated his life to the investigation and collection of testimonies in the field of ufology. This hobby has led him to hold several conferences on the subject around Ecuador and several countries.

In 2003, Rodriguez tried through the Minister of Defense Oscar Ayerde, under the government of Lucio Gutierrez, to order the declassification of documents related to the UFO phenomenon, and to order the creation of the Ecuadorian Commission for the Investigation of the UFO Phenomenon (CEIFO), which was created in 2005 and is preceded by Rodriguez.


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The following video interview is in Spanish language.

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