“Peace is a living energy that moves, stirs and throbs, it is not a matter of searching for it, but of channeling it, extracting it and projecting it, because peace is a state of Being and an attribute of the Soul”.

Psycho-spiritual advisor and companion. Divine spark and stellar traveler, this time living a human experience. Servant of the light. Promoter of Peace. Channeler of Love and Disseminator of the Ancient-Ancestral Wisdom and the Infinite Truths of Being. Master in survival and resilience. Poetess of life. Philosopher, contemplator and student of Nature. Defender of freedom and abandoned causes. Tireless seeker of virtue and innate human gifts.
Friend to many and sister to all. Player with fairies and elves.
Peacemaker and tamer of brave people. Lover, helper, spreader and sower of the seeds of Inmanuah Mickael, Esdeihewe and all the Messengers of Light.

Academic Studies, Business Management and Administration and Agribusiness. Counseling and Spiritual Counseling (1A1 Foundation).

Currently working on the book “Cánticos Cuánticos” (Quantum Canticles) of narrative, poetic, spiritual content, which collects transcendental experiences with brother beings from other realms, other densities and dimensions, experiences that marked her and reflections for life.

The following video interview is conducted in Spanish.


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