“May peace prevail on Earth.”

She is Executive Director of May Peace Prevail On Earth International which promotes the activities of MAY PEACE PREVAIL ON EARTH worldwide, a movement founded in 1955 by the late Japanese philosopher and visionary Masahisa Goi. He grew up in Japan with a sincere desire to unite the two cultures of his American and Japanese ancestry. She was instrumental in introducing the May Peace Prevail On Earth movement to the international community in the early 1980s. She brought The Peace Pole Project out of Japan and helped establish the international Peace Pole movement. She helped open the international headquarters of May Peace Prevail On Earth International, which was registered as a non-profit corporation in New York State in 1988. She also serves as the U.S. liaison to sister organization, the Goi Peace Foundation of Japan and Mount Fuji Shrine. She currently lives in San Francisco and travels extensively to spread the message of peace.

May Peace Prevail On Earth International is dedicated to spreading the universal message May Peace Prevail On Earth as an expression of the common aspiration of all humanity. The purpose of May Peace Prevail On Earth International is to unite the hearts of humanity and build a critical mass of peace consciousness to cultivate a culture of peace and harmonious coexistence in communities around the world.


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VII World Conference on Peace and Light, Pax et Lux Mundi: 2021

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