She is an Influencer of Ecuadorian origin, born in the province of Loja. She is a motivator, who contributes to those who need a word of encouragement in moments of despair and uneasiness.

She is an example of self-esteem and self-esteem, she is the voice of abused, submissive and helpless women, she is the struggle for equality and social equity, she is the strength and drive of those who find no way out, she is a woman of values, simple, cheerful, uncomplicated, without complexes or prejudices, who, with humility, loyalty and gratitude to her followers, continues to break schemes in social networks, where she already reached more than 4 million followers on Facebook and with a great growth in Youtube and Instagram.

Thus, she has reached records of visits in her videos, where they exceed 100 million reproductions in the world, so she is projected as the best known Ecuadorian Influencer and with greater growth in social networks worldwide.


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World Conference on Peace and Light, Pax Lux Mundi: 2021

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