Elba Russo Báez – President
Professional in the Administrative and IT Area with extensive experience in Bidding and Procurement, Administrative Management and IT Auditing processes, focused on the search for value-based solutions.

Vocational training

Master in Senior Management: Technological Institute of Santo Domingo.
Banking Technical Degree: Pedro Henríquez Ureña National University. BA B.A. American Institute of Banking.

Adan Benedetti – Secretary of Advertising and Marketing
Mayrena Molina – Secretary of Treasury and Finance
Luisa Osorio – Administrative Secretary
Mary Evangelina Sánchez – Secretary of Legal Affairs
Jenny Tiburcio – Secretary for International Affairs
María Herminia Amarante – Secretary of Technical Affairs
Nancy Curiel – Recording Secretary


The Honor Committee is made up of specialists representing the International, National and State.

Dr. Remulus della Valle – Dean InterAmerican University
Dr. Heriberto Pacheco – Neurosurgeon
Dr. Pedro Ortiz – International Speaker
Dr. Rebeca Fonseca- Neurobiologist
Dr. Wilson Yong – Ancestral Arts Researcher
Dra. Susana Rivera – Director of the Mashack University School
Pros. Lindon Vaagner – Anthropologist and Archaeologist
Dr. Miles – Neurobiologist
Henzel Dr. Alexia Reeve – Philosopher:
Dra. Catherine Barnes – Poet
Dr. Samuel Ardiles – Clinical Psychologist


It is made up of a group of experts, women and men, who will select the conferences and communications that will feed the debate at the PAX ET LUX CONFERENCE.
The Scientific Committee will be integrated into two areas of action: (invited and guests to be confirmed)

“Observer Members” Officials and relevant officials of the Dominican Republic in Education for Peace:

Lic. Mateo Morrison – Poet and writer – Vice Minister of Culture of the Dominican Republic
Lic. Victor Jose Medina Ogando – Psychologist
Lic. Ramon Cordero – Psychologist
Lic. Ramon Calderon – Psychologist
Lcda. Luisa Osorio – Titular Prof. of the U.A.S.D.


The General Coordination Secretariat is the nerve center of the organization of the Conference and has a team of professionals with extensive experience in this type of agenda and that supports the Organizing Committee in fulfilling the tasks derived from the organization of the CONFERENCE. PAX ET LUX MUNDI.

Its areas of action are focused on the logistics organization of the Conference, monitoring of strategic partners and funding entities, contact with the speakers, monitoring of registrations, administration of the website, dissemination and promotion on social networks, among other tasks. .