Life is a sacred art. Learning is our supreme duty.

Theme: “The Sacred Art of Living”.

CHAMALÚ is a renowned writer, his philosophy of life is based on ancestral knowledge almost forgotten, but of incalculable value.

He was born in Cochabamba, Bolivia, near a mountain and not far from the jungle. As a child, a strange illness condemned him to death, as the doctor predicted. This problem was solved by his great-grandmother, an indigenous Quechua healer, who gave him back his health and life. Since adolescence he wanted to discover the wisdom of the great-grandmother already absent and after an existential crisis, he began to look for indigenous grandparents, people of wisdom of the mountains and jungle; he collected their secrets and teachings for several years, simultaneously he went through academic training studying various disciplines and self-taught ecology. He lived traveling, researching, sharing.

He gave thousands of conferences and seminars in the five continents, wrote 75 books; 30 years ago he created Janajpacha, a shamanic Asrham, a school to learn how to live, through which thousands of apprentices from all over the world passed. He is the creator of a philosophy of life, based on ancestral wisdoms, a new pedagogy, a new therapeutic methodology.

CHAMALÚ proposes new ways of educating, of living as a couple, of educating children and young people to turn them into happy and self-realized beings. He proposes new ways of designing houses, gardens, of organizing food; new ways of dealing with labor issues and thus avoid living to work, new ways of living together, new ways of development and progress; he proposes an experiential ecology and as an umbrella under which all his proposals converge, a new philosophy of life that allows people to achieve their personal fulfillment, their welfare within a meaningful life, connected to the mission that we all have and creatively broken down into a lifestyle, created to suit each one.

She currently resides in her School for Learning to Live, in the form of an Ecological Community. There he receives apprentices who wish to be initiated in what he calls: The Sacred Art of Living.


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