A tireless traveler, he has dedicated his entire life to the service of humanity.

He studied Medicine, Philosophy and Letters and Educational Psychology, as well as Business Administration, Economics, School Management, Human Resources Management, Literature and other disciplines, at important universities in the United States, Spain, England and other European countries. He is a Doctor of Science and a Psychiatrist.

His great sensitivity to the most defenseless makes him a proselytizer by vocation, for which he has been part of organizations such as UNICEF and UNESCO. On countless occasions, he has received recognition as an educator, diplomat, advisor, honorary member and lecturer in many countries around the world.

He has written nearly 40 books, ranging from poetry to science, and is the composer of more than 200 songs that he performs with his voice and as a self-taught instrumentalist on keyboards, woodwinds and strings.

His notorious intelligence, culture and elegance contrasts with his humility and gentleness, making him a being, partly human, partly of stellar origin, who captivates the hearts of those who seek him from the different corners of the world with the desire to learn from him supreme truths about love and peace, philosophies, religious doctrines, the Universes and their creatures, the rights of human, animal and vegetable life, among many other topics that are his absolute domain.

A tireless traveler, he has dedicated his entire life to the service of humanity.

As President of the 1A1 Foundation, he brings the light of knowledge to all those who wish to develop their spirituality.

The following video interview is in Spanish Language.

Track record at the Peace and Lux Conference, Pax Lux Mundi:

2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021

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